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The registered agent you choose for your Florida business entity will accept the service of process notices as well as any legal correspondences for your business. The registered agent can be a Florida business or a resident.

It is a legal requirement in Florida that all corporations and LLCs appoint their registered agent during the process of formation. If your business gets sued, the court sends a notice to the registered agent you appoint. This registered agent will accept the notice for you, and then forward this to you.

Timely Notifications
With Professionals


Many Florida corporations and LLCs choose to hire an experienced company as their registered agent for their speed and organization. The best companies offering this service will scan any services of process and send them to you immediately. This is not typically possible with individuals.

Registered Agents
Provide Privacy


Additionally, choosing to hire a registered agent can improve the privacy associated with your business. There is certain information that you must publicly disclose while filing for your business.

If you want to maintain your privacy, you could use the information related to the registered agent instead of yours. Many companies specifically offer this service for business anonymity and security of information. This can reduce your risk to frivolous lawsuits or be approached by unwanted marketers.

Registered Agents
Offer Convenience

Frequent Questions

There is also a high level of convenience that comes with hiring your registered agent. To start, you do not have to be at your place of business or registered address during set hours. Instead, your registered agent will be at its address during the required hours. This gives you flexibility when running your business.

There is additional convenience from the fact that you can continue to use the address of the registered agent no matter where your business is located. This prevents the need to change your filing information every time your company relocates. Considering it is common for young businesses to move, this can be a time-and-money-saving benefit. Additionally, being able to continuously list the same address on your filings and business information will show that your company is stable. This should improve public opinion of the corporation or LLC.

The Reputation Boost
From a Registered Agent


Although Florida does require you to list a registered agent, it is theoretically possible to be your registered agent. While this may be slightly cheaper and will ensure you got services of process immediately, it can potentially cost your company a great deal in lost sales via lost reputation. If you are your registered agent, clients may see you served legal documents of all types, leading to embarrassment. The customers will never see the interactions if they are completed by a separate registered agent.

Some Agents Provide Additional Services

If you wish, you can also find a Florida registered agent that will provide additional services for you. The most common of these would be mail forwarding and/or giving your company its own unique suite address. It is also very common for registered agents to offer document filing services for you.

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