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It is common for those who form an LLC to want to preserve their anonymity. Unfortunately, certain documents require you to list your name and those become part of public record. Some states offer anonymous LLCs, but not all do. The good news is there are methods of getting around this, including what is known as the FL Double LLC. The method is based on Florida, but with a few adjustments, you can also apply it to other states.

The bottom line is this method lets you establish an anonymous LLC in Florida despite not appearing to be possible at first.

Make Your Anonymous LLC

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Your first step to creating an anonymous Florida LLC is a bit counterintuitive. You need to form an LLC that is anonymous in another state. Select a state that allows private or anonymous LLCs. A popular option is New Mexico as there is no annual fee, which keeps costs down. Instead, you will just have to pay any fees charged by the company that assists you with filing and acts as your registered agent.

Go to the Florida Secretary of State


Once you have your anonymous LLC in another state all set up, it is time to start establishing your Florida LLC. Go to the website of the Secretary of State and begin the process of formation. You should have your documents for the other anonymous LLC handy.

Get a Registered Agent


Keep in mind that for the LLC to be anonymous, you will need a registered agent. Florida lets you act as your own registered agent, but then you would need to include personal information on the form. If you pay a registered agent service, they will also likely allow you to utilize their basic information as contact points for your company.

Filling Out the Forms


When you fill out the form for your anonymous Florida LLC, you use the information of your Florida registered agent and your anonymous LLC from the other state. The owner of the Florida LLC will be the LLC that formed in another state. The point of contact for email, phone, and address will be those of your registered agent.

You will also need to include the information about your registered agent and include signed Articles of Organization. You can use the same agent service to take care of required filings.

You Should Maintain Privacy

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Following the above method is certainly a bit more time-consuming than simply establishing a regular Florida LLC. However, it does not dissuade those who desire the additional privacy. The process can go even more smoothly if you work with a service that assists you.

The result is that none of your information is publicly available. Instead of your name as owner, your anonymous LLC from the other state is listed. Since that LLC is anonymous, your name does not appear on that anonymous LLC's publicly available information either. Your contact information is not available since it will be that of your agent. The end result is full anonymity like you would get from anonymous LLCs in another state but in Florida.

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